Life Happens

Our significance is not defined by our circumstances. This was where we were in the last post. In fact, our significance is not defined by worldly accomplishments, but in the accomplishment of giving and showing love. Ask yourself, have I helped someone today?

The last blog entries, challenged you to make a goal and write down 10 things needed to accomplish that goal. The purpose of the challenge was to get you to see goals as a step by step process.

Big Goal- Visit family that’s out of town
Small Goals- Budget?
In setting the small goals, you want to ask yourself, Why are we going? What is the purpose of our visit? The answer to these two questions will help you in answering the “how”.

It is never too late to organize your goals and strategize. My fitness goals have morphed into lifestyle goals and at times I am constantly building and changing things as I learn more about this area. What I gain is revolutionizing the way I define self respect. Let me know if you want to hear more about my fitness journey.

Don’t forget my question, have you helped someone today?


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