Giving Your Best

One day my friends called me to see if I wanted to hang out and just have some laughs. When I got there, they asked me why was I so dressed up. I told them, “just because I was visiting you”. Let me clear something up, I was not dressed up. I was matching, neat and casual but to them, that outfit was dressed up.

Remember our previous entry “Relationship Goals”? The best goal stated that “I want to be the best person that I possibly can be with intrinsic qualities of loving and respecting myself and others because it is what’s right”. Healthy goals and thinking positive affect your mood and how you treat others. It even affects personal appearance. Appearance says a lot about how a person feels about themselves.

Confidence is so important when it comes to handling life challenges. It is the definition of a champion and we all can be one. Having a positive attitude about yourself and about life is the best gift you can give yourself. Attitude is a decision and a choice. It is the only thing we can control. During that visit with friends, someone questioned my appearance, but I think they could tell that I was feeling pretty good about myself.



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