Your Success

When I attended college, I had made a vow to finish college and to try to do so debt free, even if it meant working at McDonalds to pay for it. I was to finish no matter how long it took me. I found a way to concentrate on the efforts or the WORK it took to graduate and not the end outcome alone of just getting the paper. I asked myself, what would it take to attend and obtain a college degree?  I was a first generation college graduate. Since I had not seen it done, I had to figure it out on my own.

Success is possible for everyone. When I say success, I mean realistic goals are attainable. What is your definition of success? I really want to know. Please share in the comments section. Do you define success by your relationships or by what money can buy? Have you adopted someone else’s definition of success and consequently their goals as well?

Look, you must create your own definition of success. When you have created that definition, you can achieve success. I was able to graduate with the equivalent dual degree in only four years by focusing on the work I had to do. I was able to serve freely without the worry of college debt. I define success as matriculating through life while making friends along the way. Have you created your definition of success. You can move forward on your goals. This is a journey you have to be 100% committed too. You are worth it!



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