Life can be full of “TO DOs” or “I don’t feel like it”. Isn’t it wonderful that feelings do not get to vote? We may never feel it is the right time, but we learn to make time for the things that are important.

Focus requires strength. It is having wisdom to say “no” to ideas and things that will pull us away from our goals. For example, my big goal of cleaning the house was broken up into small goals. The kitchen was the first small goal and when I was tempted to put away all the clothes on the sofa, I would tell myself “that is later after this goal.”

With focus came consistency. When I was scattered all over the place, I constantly had inconsistent results because of my inconsistent actions. Don’t get me wrong, life happens and I choose to put some things aside. I will never put things before people. When I was applying to grad school, my mother in law wanted a home cooked meal with family and friends for her birthday. I was studying for the GRE and working on Essays, but took time to make her feel special.

By building my focus muscle, I learned how to be consistent (even when everything around me was falling apart). I had to choose in advance that my mood would not determine my consistency. I have to constantly reevaluate things and remind myself of priorities and choose to place energy there.

How do you build your FOCUS muscle?


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