Day 10 Discipline

Day 10
Today I shared my vision with a dear friend. She was not that enthusiastic. She said, “21, 30 or 40 days will not be magic and create change.” She was right but it is more to just counting the days. I told her, “you are missing the point.  It is not about the days, but it is about developing discipline. It is perfectly fine to be creative and do things in inventive ways, but if you have no discipline you will never achieve your goals.” The 40 days to Positive Posture is about developing discipline not performing magic. My friend has fitness goals and she realized that she did see results when she exercised. That was my opportunity to explain how exercising is key to shedding pounds as daily habits are to reaching goals. Healthy lifestyle choices will help to achieve positive goals. Go ahead and write the vision and make it plain

Day 9 was a difficult day. It snowed and my kids were home from school. I tried to act undaunted by the lively little ones jumping from chair to chair. My poor furniture! I thought I could beat cabin fever and write a post on day 9 but failed. Did I get tired or just lazy? I tried to get motivated by looking at other writers on YouTube but didn’t make it past all of the planners and organization videos. I was just so distracted… this was my real life day 9. Honestly, what do you do when you mess up? Do you quit? Do you pretend that it doesn’t matter? Well, I have found that admitting you missed the mark and messed up is the best way to move forward. Perfectionism is a toxic thought. It is not the end of the world when things go wrong. In fact, if you keep a good attitude, it could turn out better than what was originally planned.


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